Your patient engagement journey

Are you delivering effective patient engagement throughout your development life cycle? 

Here are just a few examples...

Protocol design


Clinical development

Early in the development of a drug, patients can provide highly valuable insight as the drug develops, on matters such as patient unmet need, patient relevant side effects, the potential burden and benefit of treatment, and in the design of clinical trials for an optimised patient experience.

Other benefits include:

  • Incorporation of patient-relevant endpoints into clinical trial design
  • Study design that optimises recruitment, retention and concordance


Preparation for launch

As you approach launch, patients can help you to ensure that your understanding of the landscape, of patient perceptions and of your molecule remain relevant and meaningful. 

Continuing to engage with patients at this time will ensure that you keep the patient experience in mind as you approach launch.

Other benefits include:

  • An understanding of patient perceptions of the molecule and company
  • An appropriate strategy built for successful launch focused on improved patient outcomes
Preparation for launch
Post-launch & patient support


Post-launch and patient support

In the post-launch setting we can engage with patients in a range of ways that will support optimal adherence and ultimately improved outcomes for people living with disease. 

Planning your patient support in a strategic way earlier on in the life cycle will help you to meet your objectives and provide clearly defined value to patients and to treating physicians.

Other benefits include:

  • Appropriate targeted disease education that meets patients' needs and answers questions
  • Wrap-around patient support services that optimise outcomes

If you're looking to bring patients into your development process, why not take a look through our examples of how other pharma companies have done this successfully, or download the patient engagement journey infographic to see how you can engage with patients too!

Patient engagement journey